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Fair science books are works of fiction with science themes.  We have two goals at Fair Science Books.  The first is to provide fun, thoughtful books for readers of all ages.  The second is to introduce science in a fun and engaging way that increases science literacy and hopefully inspires more girls and women to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs and careers.  Fair Science Books donates ten percent of all profits to the American Association of University Women, a non-profit supporting girls and women in STEM and in life.

Fair Science Book is currently publishing the Science Mystery Series.  The Science Mystery Series is a fun, thoughtful, and engaging series for mystery lovers of all ages.  It’s an education that children will choose.  Not to mention books that their parents may also have a hard time putting down.

Our featured book, the second book in the Science Mystery Series, As Much an Art as a Science, is now available in both a kindle version and paperback! Follow the link below the cover to view As Much an Art as a Science on Amazon, read about it, and purchase it.

The third book in the series is out now and available in both paperback and kindle formats! Follow the link below the cover photo to view A Music Mystery, read a description of it, and purchase it.



The first book in the Science Mystery Series, It’s a Royal Mess is still available on kindle!  Follow the link below the cover to view It’s a Royal Mess, read a description of it, and purchase it.



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