About Fair Science Books

Fair Science Books publishes works of fiction with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) themes.

We have two goals at Fair Science Books.  The first is to provide fun, thoughtful books for readers of all ages, but especially children.  The second is to introduce science in a fun and engaging way that increases science literacy and hopefully inspires more girls and women to participate in STEAM programs and careers.

Fair Science Books donates ten percent of all profits to the American Association of University Women, a non-profit supporting girls and women in STEAM and in life.


Here are ten reasons why we do what we do:

1) STEAM subjects help people. Imagine being the researcher that found a cure to cancer!

2) STEAM subjects provide the best way to approach and address many of the most pressing problems that people face in the 21st century, like working to cure cancer.

3) Basic knowledge of STEAM subjects is essential to understand our modern world.

4) STEAM subjects are important now and will probably be even more important in the near future.

5) Many of the best jobs with the greatest potential to help other people are currently in the STEAM fields, and that trend is likely to continue.

6) Girls and women are underrepresented in STEAM programs and professions.

7) We have a responsibility to change that.

8) After all, STEAM groups (like almost all groups) work best when they are diverse.

9) If you want your daughter (or your parents) to learn about and appreciate STEAM,  the best way to do that is to model that by learning about and appreciating STEAM subjects.

10) STEAM subjects don’t have all the answers and should be informed by knowledge of culture, religion, and philosophy, especially ethics.

Want to learn even more about Fair Science Books? Follow this link to read Our Story: https://fairsciencebooks.com/blog/page/14/