Adult Fiction

Adult Fiction

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A Persian Gem

Angie is back in another Sinister Span Mystery!

A woman jumps from the bridge connecting Fort Myers and Sanibel, Florida. Stunned onlookers watch her plummet seemingly halfway to the rough Gulf waters below in a second. Then, remarkably, her body appears to snap back. A bright, yellow and orange explosion of fabric erupts into a parachute behind her. She glides out onto a passing Chinese ship below and hitches a ride out into the distance. Anjali, or Angie, a woman fascinated with bridges and suicides, happens to be on vacation just a few miles away. She is immediately intrigued by this strange BASE jumper. With Sanibel’s rumored connection to old spooks from around the globe, everyone suspects that the jump was a part of some covert operation, including Angie. So she decides to pretend to be a journalist again and look into this matter. Her investigation brings Angie, and her best male friend, Thad, face to face with a jewel theft, a drug smuggler, and a former state department employee with a secret. Eventually, Angie and Thad are forced to confront the very real possibility that the villain in all of this international intrigue may be right under their nose in the very seaside mansion they are guests in. Narrated with Angie’s patented wry humor and beginner’s mind style, A Persian Gem, is a worthy comic novel, a baffling mystery, and a daring spy caper all in one spellbinding tome.


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Bridge over Icy Water

Early one January morning, a woman falls off of the Third Avenue Bridge in downtown Minneapolis into the icy Mississippi River below. That short, mysterious death of Faith Nguyen first fascinates, then becomes an obsession for a bridge inspector named Angie. Angie eventually decides to pretend to moonlight as a journalist to indulge her morbid curiosity about Faith’s death. Angie is quickly in over her head. Seedy characters abounded in Faith’s final hours…characters who don’t like people asking a lot of questions. Angie’s lone clue, a fat fingered text that may read Reginald Cab or Capp, leads her to some of the most evil among us, and the chilling realization that they may have a terrible new power! Will Angie be able to plumb the depths of this mystery and stop them? Or will she follow Faith to the bottom of the icy Mississippi?

This is the first mystery for adults from FS Books. Like all FS Books, a portion of the proceeds go to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), helping women and girls in STE(A)M and in life.

For girls, women, and allies who dare