Lauren Cooper

Lauren is a published illustrator and designer. She has a BFA in graphic design and a minor in fine art from the University of Minnesota. Her illustrations can be seen in the ebook The Changing Story as well as on her website.



Jeff Isaacson

Jeff Isaacson is the founder of FS Books and the author behind the Science Mysteries and the Sinister Span Mysteries.

Jeff Isaacson has played a one armed man on television even though Jeff has both arms.  Jeff had an award winning book published before he finished grade school.  Jeff has his name on an important paper in genetics.

Two of those three statements are true.  I won’t tell you which two.

As a boy, Jeff read a lot.  He typically went back and forth between a junior science encyclopedia and mysteries.  Sherlock Holmes was the first fictional character that changed his life.

Jeff was voted most likely to front a Johnny Cash cover band in high school.  Upon graduation, he went to the University of Minnesota… for a day.

Jeff rattled around a few colleges before settling back down at the University of Minnesota.  Jeff earned a B. A. in psychology from the U of M in 2003.

Jeff attended graduate school at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.  He graduated with an M. A. in Human Development.  Human Development is a catch all for independent study.  Jeff earned most of his graduate credits writing.

Jeff is the son of two snowbird parents that live between Minnesota and Florida.  He has a brother and sister-in-law in Madison, Wisconsin.  He has an aunt, uncle, and two cousins in Perham, Minnesota.  He has several other relatives, a surprisingly large number of friends, and he cares deeply about the people he serves in social work.

In addition to his work with Fair Science Books, Jeff Isaacson currently has two other books available on Stock Market Hack, about three teens who hack the New York Stock Exchange, and Keep to the Black, his debut poetry collection. View all of Jeff’s books at his Amazon author’s page at:


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