Help Wanted

FS Books is currently looking for guest bloggers. Guest bloggers must identify as female, must be at least high school age, and must be in a STEM program/major or career. There is one only one more must. Blog post ideas must have something to do with STEM. These blog posts are intended for the elementary school aged children who view this website. We are not in a position to offer any compensation other than the reward of perhaps passing on some hard earned wisdom to the next generation or encouraging another young girl to pursue a career in STEM despite all obstacles. Some possible topics may include fun STEM facts, tips for girls who might want to aim for a STEM career (including things like confronting bias if you so choose), and many, many more. As long as your blog post is not a novel (aim for about a page), touches on STEM in some way, and is written so that an eight to twelve year old kid can understand it, you stand a very good chance of being uploaded to the blog on this website. If you are interested, please fill out the contact form toward the bottom of the home page of this website. Please include your profession or program, proposed idea for a blog post, and an email address where we can contact you on the contact form submission. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.