No kindle? No problem

No Problem?

That’s right.  You don’t actually need a kindle reader to read ebooks available for kindle.  You can read ebooks for the kindle on your computer, tablet, or phone.  All you have to do is pick your device and get the kindle App.

The kindle app is a free app available at the App Store, Google Play, or wherever you download apps for your device.  (I highly recommend the kindle app on a smart phone.  It’s easy to read, very intuitive, and you always have your book on you.)  Find, “purchase” (it’s free), and download the kindle app.

(I think this will open a whole new world for you!  The Hennepin County Library System is never closed now that I have the kindle app.)

Note: You cannot purchase books through the kindle app.  You must exit the app and visit the book’s page on to purchase a book. (Amazon will send the book to your app on the device of your choosing upon purchase. Note: Amazon will only be able to send the ebook to a device that has the kindle app.) Follow the link below to visit the book page for It’s a Royal Mess.  You can buy the book from this page.