Charities and Organizations Supporting Girls and Women in STEAM

1) FS Books will donate 10% of their profits to the American Association of University Women who support girls and women in all areas, including STEAM programs.  Find them at:

2) National Girls Collaborative

3) Girlstart:

4) National Math and Science Initiative:

5) Women in Engineering ProActive Network:

6) Million Women Mentors:

7) Donors Choose:

8) Center for STEM Education for Girls:

9) IT Hare


Resources for girls and women interested in STEAM:

1) Brainy Girls! an online magazine that takes pride in being smart:

2) Women@NASA:

3) Engineer Girl:

4) Girls who Code:


6) The Bug Chicks: (full disclosure, this site has a lot of pictures of insects)

7) True People Search: A History of Women in Science

8) Driving Science Forward: U.S. Insurance Agents



Online science for kids

1) Ducksters:

2) Science Kids:


4) KidSites:


Engineering site:

University of California Riverside




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