The Science Mystery Series


Science Mystery #2, “As Much an Art as a Science”, is currently available for purchase in paperback or kindle format at:

As Much an Art as a Science

Someone broke into an art gallery, stole four paintings, and spray painted “Art is Blaspheme” on a gallery wall. That person eluded multiple security cameras, an alarm system, and even locked the doors behind them on the way out. Maybe you wouldn’t hire Emma and Sarah to investigate a mystery like this. After all, Emma and Sarah are eleven years old. What they lack in age, however, they more than make up for with their knowledge of science and art. And they’ll need every bit of that knowledge to get to the bottom of this puzzling heist. Will they find the thief? Will they recover the artwork? Will the naïve brilliance of children succeed where experts fail? Or will Emma and Sarah merely be as baffled as the rest of us? Perfect for mystery lovers of all ages, this is the second book in the Science Mystery Series, a series designed to inspire more girls to consider science careers and increase general science literacy. Ten percent of all Fair Science Books’ profits are donated to a non-profit supporting girls and women, including in STEM. Follow the link below the cover to purchase this book today!




Science Mystery #1, “It’s a Royal Mess” is available for purchase (Kindle format only) at:

It’s a Royal Mess

Someone broke into Ron’s garage and all that they stole was an ugly spoon!

Who can you turn to when something that weird happens to you?  Enter a pair of 11 year olds, Emma Hawthorne and her partner Sarah.  Using their knowledge of science and the scientific method the pair work to unravel the mystery of the stolen spoon.

As they do, they piece together clues to the story of a spoon that’s been the most prized family heirloom for hundreds of years.  Ron’s relatives even successfully hid the spoon from the Nazis during their time in a concentration camp.

Rather than helping, though, every clue, every insight, and every bit of the spoon’s story only deepens the mystery.  Can Emma and Sarah find the elusive thread between the story of the spoon and the solution to their mystery in a world where appearances are deceiving and nothing is as it seems?  Did the thief who stole the spoon know exactly what they were doing?  Was that ugly spoon the most valuable thing in the garage?  Is the spoon gone for good?  Or can science save the day?

Perfect for mystery lovers of all ages, this is the first book in the Science Mystery Series.  The Science Mystery Series is the first series from Fair Science Books.  Fair Science Books is dedicated to increasing science literacy and girl’s (and women’s) participation in STEM through fun and engaging fiction.  Ten percent of all profits from Fair Science Books go to non-profit(s) supporting girls and women in STEM.   Follow the link below the cover to purchase this book in the kindle format today!